32 of 40 chronically ill have spirochetes in their blood

Mats Lindström, relative

Titti Alvarsson, biomedical analyst, Dalapraktiken 
Published February 14, 2016
Stockholm, SWEDEN

PURPOSE: The purpose of this study is to investigate whether chronically ill people without known biomarkers (n=40), may have abnormalities in their blood compared to healthy people (n=5).

Venous blood is centrifuged to separate plasma and blood cells. The liquid in the area between the plasma and blood cells is sucked up with a pipette. Then it is centrifuged again and finally applied to a glass lens for microscope (dark field), 800 x magnification.

A diagnostic checklist was used with 75 (77 in swedish) questions of symptoms. At least 20 positive answers are believed to increase an active Lyme infection, except in cases erythema migrans occurs (can often sole basis for diagnosis).

RESULTS: In the group of chronically ill were spirochetes detected in the blood of 32 patients (80%) of the 40. None of the healthy subjects showed any abnormalities in the blood. Of the participants, 31 had diagnosis ME/CFS. Spirochetes were detected in the blood of 27 patients (87%).

CONCLUSION: Spirochetes are very common in some group of patients, especially with diagnosis ME/CFS.

Full text link (swedish)

One of the spirochetes that were discovered

Om Mats Lindström

Jag heter Mats Lindström och min fru är svårt sjuk i ME/CFS sedan 2008. Jag lägger ner en stor tid av min fritid på att försöka finna bra symtomlindring och helst botemedel mot sjukdomen. Det viktigaste i det arbetet tror jag är att synliggöra sjukdomens allvarlighet, att få politiker, forskning och sjukvård, men även allmänheten att förstå vikten av att hjälpa denna patientgrupp som lider oerhört - både av sjukdomen och samhällets okunskap. Min förhoppning är att en biomedicinsk forskning värt namnet kommer igång i Sverige. Jag driver några egna Facebook-grupper där den största heter Databas ME/CFS. Medlemmarna består av både ME/CFS-sjuka och anhöriga från bl a Sverige och Norge. https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=REC8VA5SSABBS

  1. My understanding is there are no tests to confirm spirochetes in chronic patients! Don’t know Swedish, can you tell us about that in English? Thanks!

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  2. Ellinor Biörklund

    I have red a lot about Kattklo, Catclaw, Griffe de chat Una de Gato or Uncaria Tomentosa. It’s a woody vine plant native to the Amazon rainforest and you can find a lot on the net about it healing Lyme.You kan also look for Samento, a concentrated, super-potent form of Cats Claw. I don’t know anything about ”ME/CFS-sjuka”, but I send you this as you have mention Lyme spirochetes .
    Take care

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    • Thank you Ellinor! I know about Cat´s claw and Japanese Knotweed, also Samento and Banderol. The first two is common in Buhners protocol. Samento and Banderol is used in Cowdens protocol.

      There are so many tips, but I really do not know what´s best.


  3. Hi Mats, I have a lot of questions. Hope you do not mind?

    Was this a private study you initiated ? Was this study published ? And who where the microbiologist who did the microscopy work? How where this samples prepared and where ? Any DNA preformed on the samples or western blot performed in patients blood samples ? Any co-infections discovered or smears done ?


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    • Yes, it was a private study and it is not published. The microbiologist is Titti Alvarsson, Dalapraktiken. No more test are done – only like I wrote (with dark field microscope). Some ”suspected” co-infections were found. If you click the swedish link you can read more. Probably anaplasma, mycoplasma and bartonella was seen seperately total in 10 patients. It is difficult with babesios when it is very similar Bulls eye. therefore we did not check for that.


  4. Anushka

    Thanks Mats for your reply.

    First of all I like to thank you for starting this patient/citizen initiative.

    I read some of the discussion on PR and was a bit surprised about some feed back you got there. I think it is sad that patients who have been let down for 20+ years by main stream science, and treated miserably by main stream health care, do not welcome a personal initiative like that. I wish many more patients would take matters into their own hands, learn and question, and have the guts to turn into citizen scientist. In other fields, like cancer research, that has long been done and acknowledged as heroism. Example here http://www.nbcnews.com/health/cancer/teen-makes-genetic-discovery-her-own-rare-cancer-n75991

    I just wanted to have clarification of the facts, hence my questions.

    I have done some personal testing with other tools and was able to get to some remarkable results. I would like to join forces and create patient/citizen scientist initiative to dig deeper.

    Lets get in touch (again)



    • Thanks, I would appreciate if you are able to write something on PR. I think many will listen to yo. Some people do not understand who I am and why I do what I do. My only goal is of course to find a cause and to spread awareness. There are many more interesting things to do . Just accepting the disease and sit and complain is too much..


  5. Ola


    Jag har följt ditt arbete och tycker du är fantastisk som genomför detta.

    Kommer detta arbete följas upp? Jag gissar att det skulle behöva undersökas ännu mer i detalj för att ta reda på exakt vad de där rackarna är för något (spirocheterna). Om det nu är svårt att få någon att följa upp detta så en väg kanske kunde vara att försöka locka någon läkare som planerar att doktorera inom infektion? Jag vet inte hur man skulle gå tillväga för att hitta en sådan 🙂 med det men om jag var en infektionsläkare med planer på att doktorera så had iallafall jag tyckt att detta vore väldigt intressant att ta tag i.

    Bara en tanke.. Och har tyvärr dock ingen aning om hur man ska få till det… :-\


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    • Min förhoppning är att en uppföljning kommer att ske. Jag har nu fullt fokus på att försöka få behandling till Claudia. Det är inte det lättaste. Jag lider varje dag av att se henne, och att hon inte får adekvat hjälp.


  6. Dear Mats, I hope you will allow me to post this here:

    Symptom Survey for people with Lyme, M.E., CFS or Fibromyalgia
    If you have any of these physician diagnosed illnesses please take part in the Symptom Checker survey. The Symptom Checker is a professional online resource where you can enter your symptoms and get suggestions of diagnoses.

    The instructions and survey description are here:

    Many Thanks,
    Peter Kemp
    For VIRAS


  7. Anushka

    Hi Mats,

    Sorry I did not reply to your request to post on forums.I am not a member on forums anymore.

    I also lost somehow the subscriptions to your blog and your mail address. If you could please mail me again I would appreciate it.




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